Protect against rising uric acid levels in
high-risk adult patients

Proportion of patients with normal uric acid levels ≤7.5 mg/dL from Day 3 to Day 7 after initiating antihyperuricemic treatment (primary endpoint)1
Clinical Study Data ELITEK vs allopurinol

Clinical Study Data ELITEK vs allopurinol

Unlike allopurinol, ELITEK maintained normal uric acid levels in 100% of assessable adult patients2

Documented failure rate in hyperuricemic and nonhyperuricemic adult patients2
Clinical Study Data ELITEK vs allopurinol

Clinical Study Data ELITEK vs allopurinol

  • The ELITEK, ELITEK + allopurinol, and allopurinol arms had 13%, 15%, and 19% missing uric acid samples, respectively. The uric acid failure status in those patients is unknown2
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No adult patients receiving ELITEK alone required antihyperuricemic treatment past 5 days2

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CLL=chronic lymphocytic leukemia; DLBCL=diffuse large B-cell lymphoma; SLL=small lymphocytic lymphoma.

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